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Articles & Bible Studies



Here are some articles and

Bible studies I've posted over

the years, some old, some new.

              Be blessed.






8-12-13 The Sifting - An article I wrote 15 years ago about why bad things happen to God's people. Learned from personal experience.


8-3-13 War In The Middle East Pt. 1 - Today's news written 3000 years ago.


8-2-13 Why Satan Hates Israel - When they shall say, "Peace and safety" then comes sudden destruction.


7-27-13  Many Will Come In My Name - Don't believe everything you hear.


7-1-13 Elijah And The Jezebel Spirit - One of an old series of messages about the prophet Elijah, a man of like passions.


6-7-13 The Pharisee Test - Are you one?


6-6-13 The Presence Of Light In The Midst Of Darkness - Elijah


5-28-13 If The Foundations Be Destroyed - What are we to do? Stop wringing your hands, beloved.


2-5-2012  America Babylon