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Asteroids From Heaven








It is Dec. 8, 2013. Yesterday I was watching one of my favorite channels on my family-pac Dish network satellite package. It's "The Science Channel," or as I like to call it, "The Science Falsely So-Called Channel" in reference to Paul's admonition to Timothy at the end of his first letter. It is one of my favorites because by watching it I can keep up on the latest stupid theories drummed up by atheistic scientists who try to explain our complex universe without acknowledging the existence of the supernatural. That's a nice way of saying that they try to understand the intricate structure of matter and nature without admitting someone had to design it. If they did that then they would have to rely on the mercy of a holy God, and that is something that mankind has trouble doing.


 So, they must come up with explanations for unexplainable things. Some of the clever ideas I've heard:


The theory of accretion. This attempts to explain how the planets were formed. After the "big bang" an infinite amount of matter was spinning through the newly formed universe at unimaginable speeds and they just started sticking to each other. That's right, one speck stuck to another, then another, apparently refusing to adhere to the second law of thermodynamics. I guess there's an exception to every rule. Eventually they formed planets that gathered around stars in precise orbits that are measurable and predictable. What luck.


The theory of a parallel universe. According to this remarkable bit of fancy the big bang wasn't an explosion of nothing into something. No, our universe came from a parallel universe through a black hole or wormhole. Do you know that you might even exist in another universe. Do you know that in that universe you might be a blonde? I might be six foot eight and make lots of money playing basketball. Michio Kiku, one of the heavy hitters for the "science" team even said that Elvis might still be alive in a parallel universe. I wonder if I could get his autograph.


The "life is a video game" theory. This gem came from the popular program entitled "Through The Wormhole" and suggests that we're all just little Mario's chasing a magic mushroom being controlled by, uh, well, they didn't get that far.


 That's just a few of wonderful discoveries of modern science that I've watched and listened to on one of my favorite channels. Yesterday I heard another morsel of intellectual imagination. It seems that they had to come up with and explanation for why, on earth, there is water. If our planet was just a conglomeration of space dust that came together over a few gazillion years and had no atmosphere to speak of and was just a big dead rock floating around the sun, how on earth did we become inundated with all the water?


 It's estimated that about 75% of the earth's surface is covered by water. I have also read that if all the land on earth was level it would be completely submerged under between one and two miles of water. That's a lot of H2O! And not only do we have a lot of it, it recycles itself. One of the things I learned in science class in like the third grade is there is what is called a "water table." Water evaporates, turns to clouds, rains down on earth, freezes, melts, ends up in the oceans and evaporates again. How convenient. The water we drink, cook with and bathe in has been around as long as there's been water on the earth.


 The question being asked by scientists is, "Where did it come from?" It didn't just appear from out of nowhere. And we know that life can't exist without it. One of the geniuses said, "A technological species could never have evolved without the existence of water." I wonder how many years he spent in grad school to figure that one out.


 Well, after much calculation and thinking about it over coffee and maybe a few doobies, they came up with the answer. It seems that a few billion years ago there were many asteroids and comets that existed in the outer solar system that contained frozen water. As they were drawn closer to the sun many of these pieces of space debris just happened to crash into the earth and deposited their water supply here and, when there was just enough, stopped. Oh, that explains everything. We'll have to change the words to a popular song:



 Every time it rains, it rains

 Comets from heaven!

 Don't you know each asteroid contains

 Water from heaven?



 The Bible explains where the water came from. God put it there and put boundaries on it. He created the moon to exert gravitational influence on the seas. Measurable, predictable cosmic activity that was put in place by a God of order.


 There are those who would scoff at that. That's ok, they can keep making up quantum fairy tales pretending to understand the mysteries of the universe when they can't even figure out where life on this little rock we live on came from. They can't figure out why we have an atmosphere and a magnetic field that shields us from the harmful effects of solar wind. They are absolutely dumbfounded and have to come up with outrageous ideas to try and defend their claim that there is not a designer for this intricate universe.


 God is real. He created everything by His Word and He sent His son Jesus Christ to die for the sins of fallen man. Jesus said he was the "way, the truth and the life" and that no one could come to the Father except through him. Abandon the stupidity of evolution and the big bang and science falsely so-called. Put your faith in a risen Savior who suffered on the cross to pay the price for our sins. Trust in God and you will have a hope of eternity spent in a place where we will not need a sun or moon, because He will be the light. Put your faith in Him and watch the things happening in this world that have been predicted for millennia. He is worthy of our praise.


 If you're a Christian don't be ashamed to believe what is taught in the Bible. They'll ridicule you, but pray for them because their fate is horrible. If you do not believe in Jesus Christ consider his claim to be the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. The only place an unbeliever can find the love of God is at the cross at Calvary. That is where your new life can begin.


 That's my story and I'm sticking to it.