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Talk to us!


(Or text, e-mail, Morse code, smoke signal, carrier pigeon, etc.)


To speak to an actual human being (or at least hear the voice of one) you can call these numbers:


Church: 724-335-3328


Pastor 724-335-0994


Pastor's Cell 724-681-8894




Pastor -





If you feel led to contribute to our church or the maintenance of this website, please understand the following.


• If you already have a church, give your tithes to them


• If you don't have a local church and you live near us, please come and visit.


• If you don't have a local church and you don't live near us, find one. If you need help we will be glad to do so.


If you have fulfilled all of the above, and you still feel that God would want you to support our ministry, you may mail any donations to:


Allegheny Valley Church Of God

216 Catalpa St.

New Kensington, Pa.  15068


You won't receive any holy water or magic mustard seeds.  I can't promise you you'll get back 30 60 or 100 fold, or receive a healing.  And we will never send an appeal letter.

I would hope that if you are being led by the Spirit to contribute and you are obedient to God, then He will richly bless you in a way only He could.  And we would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.


This is how the pastor feels about folks who try to get money under false pretenses: