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Deception In The Church








A while back I saw a "share" on Facebook with a link to a preaching video by one Dr. Cindy Trimm. I watched a few minutes of her hour long message. Much of the same ho-hum power/prosperity drivel that passes for Gospel preaching nowadays. Didn't think much more of her until just recently when someone called a talk show and mentioned her name. The caller said something about "the spirit of Ashtar" which raised a morbid curiosity in me. So I went a-surfing. Came to find out that Dr. Trimm was a college professor, a state senator and a well sought after motivational speaker with a "spiritual" message.


 I am a pentecostal preacher. I believe in speaking in tongues and the gifts of the Spirit as explained in 1 Co. ch 12-14. I believe that the Spirit of God can manifest himself in the lives of believers in different ways. I've seen people laugh,cry, dance, pray, and be knocked down by the Spirit of God at various times and for various purposes. I believe we can see examples of the move of the Spirit in both the old and new testaments. I have said all that to preface what I'm about to say.


 I was directed to a video on YouTube that you can watch here. On this video she is praying for an auditorium full of people to be slain in the Spirit. As they begin to fall she begins demanding and decreeing and praying in tongues. Then at Mark 2:42, she thanks God that "the spirit of Ashtar is upon these people."


 The spirit of Ashtar?? Who is that? Well, it's not the Holy Spirit, that's for sure. What do you think the Apostle Paul would do it someone in one of his meetings would invoke the spirit of Ashtar? Probably the same thing he did with the sorcerer on the Isle of Cyprus, strike him blind.


 You can read various articles on who Ashtar is, but the consensus is that he (she?) was an alien who came to earth in the 50's. Of course we know that there are no space aliens. There is also a similarity to the old testament "Ashtoreth" who was the fertility goddess of the Babylonians. Either way, this Ashtar must be a fallen angel, a demon, one of Satan's generals. We have here a modern day witch calling on a demonic spirit in the name of Jesus. And folks are eating it up like candy.


 In another more recent video you can watch here, which was taken during a women's conference with "prophetess" Juanita Bynum, Dr. Trimm refers to the story of Peter's arrest and imprisonment in Acts 12. She claims that when Peter was set free from prison by an angel sent from God, the angel was actually sent by Rhoda, the girl who answered the door at the prayer meeting when Peter arrived. This is such utter nonsense that an 8 year old Sunday school kid should be able to debunk. Yet there were thousands of women who were being "empowered" to be in control. This is a Jezebel spirit if I've ever seen one.


 Further in her message she promoted the apostolic reformation lie that the church is going to take over the world to prepare it for God's kingdom. The Bible teaches the exact opposite. God's kingdom will not be established until the King returns. Until that time it is our job to witness, to teach and to make disciples. The world is beginning to look more and more like the Bible said it would before the return of Christ. The heathen are raging. Our government, as well as others, is attempting to erase any vestiage of Christian influence in our culture. The entertainment industry is a sworn enemy of Christianity. And the entity that calls itself "the church" is falling away further and further from the truth. The great apostasy is upon us. And it won't get better until Christ himself returns and establishes His kingdom.


 Why are American Christians such suckers for this stuff. Study to show yourself approved and dump these con artists. Pray for an awakening in the church.


 That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.