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The Demonized Church







I am not a prude. I do not carry with me the baggage of being brought up under a fundamental church tradition. I was raised as a Catholic and abandoned all belief in God during my teens. When I approached the age of thirty the Lord got a hold of me and saved me. So what I am about to say in this and probably later articles is not rooted in an evangelical fundamental religious upbringing.


The American church is becoming demonized. We used to say things like, "Satan won't come in wearing horns and carrying a pitchfork," but the truth is he's doing exactly that and pastors and youth pastors are allowing him, really welcoming him in.


 I am speaking about the latest dance craze called the "Harlem Shake." It actually isn't that new according to Wikipedia. They say it originated in Harlem in 1981, but I sense it's roots go back to a much earlier time and a much more distant origin. You can see lots of examples of this on YouTube.


 It seems to start with one individual wearing a mask and gyrating to a repetitious drum and bass beat with a voice in the background saying, "con los terroristas" which translates, "with the terrorists." Then, all of a sudden, everyone else in the room gets up at the behest of a deep voice that says, "do the Harlem shake." There doesn't seem to be any set way to dance, as long as you can shake every part of your body at once with an emphasis on the sexual parts. I really don't think I have to explain that.


 It doesn't take a genius to see the pagan and demonic nature of this dance. Should we really be allowing our kids to wear masks and dance to someone saying, "with the terrorists?" If you Google pictures of voodoo rituals you will see much the same thing.


 You would think that most Christians, who are supposed to have the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of them, would recognize the Satanic nature of this stuff. But what do we see happening? Youth pastors and "progressive" pastors are allowing their flocks to do this dance in their churches and youth groups. There was even a video of a church in Australia where Christ on a cross was taking part in the "fun."  What a disgrace!


 Why do we have an 80% drop out rate of kids raised in church who leave when they're old enough, or who are convinced by atheistic college professors that the faith of their parents is of none effect? Maybe it's because we turned them over to Satan, who we think can provide a better entertainment experience.


 Wake up! If we have to invite Satan into our churches to attract the young folks then we are feeding them to the wolves. I know it's just a matter of time before some forward thinking goat herder decides to have a pole dancer come and "minister" to the flock.


 Just my opinion. And I'm sticking to it.