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As we approach a new year with a new regime in D.C. (provided there isn't an electoral college coup) I have tried my best not to offer much political opinion for several reasons. Even during the election the only articles I shared or posted in social media were things questioning the character and agenda of Hilary Clinton and the dems and main stream media, and almost never did I post things supportive of Donald Trump, mainly because I really didn’t like him. I did feel it necessary to speak warning about the prospect of four or eight years of another Clinton, which, I believe, would have put the final nail in the coffin of our constitutional republic. (here's an article on that)


I mostly refrained from political argument because I know that there are brothers and sisters in Christ who would disagree with me about certain issues, and I had no desire to foment a division in the body of Christ. I will never judge a brother or sister based on their politics. I have friends in the body who disagree with me and do so with dignity and respect, as I do with them. I feel the same way now that the election is over, but the onslaught of MSM (main stream media) hype and spin is just too much to ignore.


The most recent topic is the alleged hacking of DNC e-mails by the Russians. Were they able to cast ballots electronically from the Kremlin? Maybe they had some kind of mind control satellite burning holes in our brains. No, the charge is they fed hacked documents from the DNC to Wikileaks to make people vote against HRC. The exposed e-mails show the level of corruption in the Democratic party, and no one has denied the validity of their content. It’s just that those nasty Russians are trying to throw the election. Personally, I think it’s a bunch of baloney.


Here’s some things I think we ought to consider.


Our current president is so outraged at the prospect of the interference of our electoral process that he warned Putin back in September he better cut it out or else. I’m sure Vladimir was shaking in his boots. What I’m wondering is why was it OK for BHM to send his political and campaign staff over to Israel last year to help defeat Netanyahu, and probably with taxpayer money? Somehow no one is asking that question. Click here to watch.


And before we open an investigation on the way Wikileaks obtained the scandalous material from the DNC, why don’t we ask why, in over a third of the precincts in Detroit, there were more votes cast than voters. Video here.  Somehow the MSM has missed that story. In spite of the democratic party’s attempt to steal the state election Trump still won. It’s no wonder Hilary didn’t even campaign there, seeing she thought she had enough folks on the ground to tilt it her way.


Those are things that are verifiably true. But there are other issues that are lurking in the shadows. Like, in Philadelphia, they mysteriously found 30,000 votes that “hadn’t been counted” and, guess what, they were all for Hilary. And how about the voting machines in Pennsylvania that mysteriously switched a straight republican vote to straight democratic? Just a glitch? How come the error was always in favor of the dems.


Then, of course, there is the allegation that in some places like the left coast illegal aliens, who are allowed to obtain driver’s licenses, were also given the opportunity to register to vote. Ever wonder why the liberals are so opposed to voter id laws? Because they would probably lose a large segment of voters from those who shouldn’t even be here let alone voting.


I believe the only hacking going on is being done behind anchors' desks and in editorial rooms across the nation, where the news media, which once prided itself on unbiased reporting of the truth has now been overtaken by left leaning socialists with a political agenda. I recently saw a chart that placed various media outlets in categories like "far left" and "far right." They placed CNN in a category labeled, "Little media bias." I wonder who designed that chart and what planet they live on.


I’m praying for our nation. And I’m praying for our new president just like I did for the old one. I’m praying for an awakening in our nation and a revival in our churches. The only hope for the United States is Jesus Christ and Him crucified. I don’t care who you voted for or what political party you belong to, we all need Jesus. Repent and call on him and trust him to forgive your sins and make you a new creature. This nation will not last forever, but heaven and hell are forever. He said he was the only way to the Father. The choice is yours.


That's my story and I'm sticking to it.