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Heil Obama!











It is April 9, 2013. I was watching this morning's news and saw how our president has flown some families of the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy to Washington in order to convince members of the senate to allow the president to begin the disarming of America.


 Don't be fooled. It's not about background checks or the safety of children or anyone else. If we were concerned about children then abortion would be a crime. It's not about safety, it's about control.


 I think that most same Americans would be in favor of a more thorough system of checking the mental stability of people who want to buy guns. Of course, the advocates of patients' rights would scream that it would be an infringement of privacy to do so, and I’m sure the ACLU and other "rights" organizations would weigh in. The end result will be that the only backgrounds that would be checked would be of those who are politically opposed to the current Marxist/Socialist agenda of the current regime. In reality we are seeing a concerted effort to disarm the American population. It is just another step in establishing the death grip of government on the American people.


 It is our current administration's goal to change the constitutional republic in which we now live to a Marxist state. In a constitutional republic the government is supposed to serve the people. In a Marxist state it is the other way around. Barak Obama's hatred and disdain for the small independent businessperson was betrayed when he made his infamous, "you didn't build it" statement. In his Marxist utopia the government owns and controls everything. He is an enemy of small business and individual liberty and anyone who would dare oppose his march to destroy the constitution is branded a terrorist and labeled as dangerous.


 In the left's socialist utopia only those who can sustain the government are allowed to survive. In Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia millions were sent to prison camps or murdered. Hitler began with the mentally incompetent under the guise of mercy killing and extended his barbarism to any who would oppose his insanity.


 In a similar way, buried in the dark recesses of Obamacare is the provision for the "Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute."  While couched in a lot of Washington legalese that makes it sound ok, this group of administration-selected individuals will make life and death decisions that will affect Doctors and patients alike. Think Obamacare is about health care? Think again. It's about absolute government control over 20% of the American economy. And who is administering this great program for the people? The loving and compassionate folks at the IRS!


 All in all our American way of life is very rapidly decaying into a socialist nightmare. Just like in the 30's in Nazi Germany by the time everyone wakes up it will be too late. One by one our liberties are disappearing.


 When I was growing up I used to like to watch Rod Sterling's "Twilight Zone." While most of the stuff was science fiction, there was one episode that was almost prophetic. It was called, "The Obsolete Man." You can watch it here.


 While our society decays into moral anarchy, I encourage believers in Christ everywhere to pray for an outpouring of God's Spirit in our land and in our world. In our culture everything good is being called evil, and everything evil is being called good. I believe our nation might be beyond the point of no return, but I believe there is still to be a great awakening. While many go after the things of this world I believe there will be many who will see the need for a Savior. That's where the church comes in. That is why fundamental Christians are being branded as haters, superstitious, ignorant, backward and much more. That is why we need to listen to the admonition of Peter when he tells us to sanctify the Lord in our hearts to be able to give an answer to all who would ask. (1 Pet. 3:15) Many who don't even know who God is realize there is something wrong. We know the answer. Jesus is coming back to make everything right. Are you looking for Him today? If not, trust in his sacrifice for the forgiveness of your sins and call on him to cleanse you and make you a child of God. Through faith in his shed blood you can be accepted by a holy God. Trust in Him today.