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The Last Pope?








The date is Feb. 11, 2013. I woke up this morning to the "breaking news" that Pope Benedict XVI is resigning as the vicar of Christ on earth. As an ex-Catholic who was saved by the grace of God and delivered from that religious system, this is not earth shattering news to me. But I guess for the millions of Catholics all over the earth it must be pretty important.


 This is the first time this has happened since the middle ages, when there was a schism in the church and there were actually two competing popes. I guess at that time God couldn't make up His mind who should be in charge. It seems that Pope Benedict cited his failing health as a reason for stepping down. There are many who believe otherwise, and the conspiracy websites will be buzzing about the supposed devious undercurrent behind this event.


 While I am not a full blown conspiracy guy, I do believe there is more to this than meets the eye. I am convinced that a future leader of the Roman Catholic church will play a major role in the ascent of the anti-christ who will be Satan's anointed one. While I believe that there is a remnant in Catholicism who truly believe in the sacrifice of Christ for the forgiveness of their sins, the doctrine and dogma of the Roman Catholic church is an anti-christ doctrine which denies the sufficiency of his sacrifice at Calvary for the forgiveness of sins and replaces salvation through faith with salvation by the performance of sacraments prescribed by the church. Most of what I grew up being taught is nothing more than pagan idolatry dressed in a robe with a cross on it. The council of Trent in 1545, in a response to the Protestant reformation, pronounced a series of curses on anyone who believe salvation can only come by faith.


 There has been much written about the role of the Society Of Jesus (Jesuits) in the major events of history over the last 500 years. Some have said that every war, every assassination, every coup has been orchestrated and financed by the Jesuits. I'm not sure I buy all of that either, but there is no doubt that the largest "christian" organization on the planet had some influence somewhere in world events and that the Jesuits (also called "God's Marines") would most likely have been the agency to do so.


 As to events at the Vatican: Many believe that Pope John Paul I, who only ruled for a little over a month back in 1978, was eliminated (assassinated) by the Jesuits to make room for John Paul II, who was extremely popular and is on his road to Roman Catholic sainthood. His papacy was devoted to the worship of Mary and lasted over 26 years. He was noted for his "twisted cross" staff and the upside-down cross on his throne. Both of these are thought to be satanic symbols. After his death he was replaced by the current Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal Ratzinger. As previously stated he is stepping down due to "health concerns." Well, the last pope wasn't exactly able to run a marathon either, but you didn't see him step down. Vicars of Christ just don't retire, they're supposed to be there for life. I can't help but feel there is more to this.


 If you want to go a little deeper into the conspiracy thing consider this: In the 1100's there was an Irish bishop who eventually was canonized as Saint Malachy. I am not into quoting Catholic prophets but this is interesting. He prophesied that there would be 268 popes before the "dreadful judge" would come to judge his people. Well, guess what number the next pope will be. You got it, good old number 268. Saint Malachy prophesied he would be called "Peter the Roman." Hey, anyone taking bets?


 Listen, the only way that God the Father can accept us is through faith in Christ. I don't know who the next pope is and I don't really care. I don't know who the anti-christ will be and it doesn't mean a hill of beans to me. I don't know when Jesus is coming but I know he's coming, and I believe it's soon. I hope we are all ready for the stuff that's coming on this planet. It's not going to get better and the time is coming when Christians aren't going to be able to sit on the fence and remain in lifestyles that are contrary to the teaching of scripture. Repent today and be saved and turn from your wicked ways and trust in Christ. He's our only hope. And to my Catholic friends, reject the idolatry of Roman Catholicism and turn to the real Jesus. Not the one still hanging on your crucifix, but the one who is seated at the right hand of the Father making intercession for us.


 Have a blessed day.