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The Last Pope? Part 2






It is March 13, 2013. In a recent post I wrote about the choosing of a new pope to replace  the retiring Benedict XVI. I mentioned in passing the prophecy of St. Malachy, an Irish bishop of the 12th century. He predicted that this pope would be the last one and he would choose the name "Peter of Rome." Well, I guess we know what we can say about St. Malachy, eh?Maybe a few too many pints now and then. Oh those Irish!


 The new pope is the first pope from the western hemisphere. His country is Argentina but he has an Italian heritage. Seems his father emigrated  from Italy to Argentina many years ago. He was the arch-bishop of Buenos Aries. He is known for being humble and possessing a heart for the poor and needy. Because of his supposed compassion he chose the name Francis presumably in honor of St. Francis of Assisi. He is the first to do so. Some pundits say it is unprecedented for a pope to choose a name of one who is so venerated as Francis was. They say, "who can be like Francis?" Truth is, there has been more than one Francis.


 Not only is the name a first, but there is another first. He is a Jesuit. A member of the Society of Jesus. The first pope from that order. The Jesuits were founded in 1534 by Igantius of Loyola. They were the first order of military monks and, according to the Catholic Encyclopedia, were initially founded to counter the Muslims, who had conquered much of the area of the Mediterranean. Their extreme oath, however, is more directed toward the opposition of the Protestant reformation. You can read it here.


 Their founding was sponsored and financed by Francis Borgia, a member of the infamous Borgia family. There's some mixed reviews about him. The Catholic church made him a saint, but there are those that claim he gained his power through subterfuge and murder. He eventually became the third "superior general" of the order. He managed to make the "superior general" second only to the pope in power.


 Some things that set the Jesuits apart from other monastic orders are that they didn't need to live in monasteries, they were allowed to blend in with the population and not wear clerical garb and they had the right to participate in commerce and banking. They were actually spies. This was all granted for the purpose that they might destroy the economy and influence of the protestant reformation and recapture the world for the Roman Catholic church.


 They believed, and still do, that the end justified the means and they would do anything they could to accomplish their goals. They were disbanded for a time and reestablished. Their mission has not changed.


 So, what is the mission of the new pope? If he is true to his Jesuit oath, his purpose is to destroy any religion that opposes the authority of the Roman Catholic church. Did I mention they were anti-Semites? Some have claimed that the Jesuits have been responsible, or at lease involved, in every major European assassination and conflict in the last 400 years. Others believe they were responsible for the liquidation of Pope John Paul I after only 33 days in office because of his desire to institute reforms that were not to their liking. Not quite sure I buy all of that, but maybe some of it. I personally believe there was more to Benedict's retirement than just "health" issues.


 I wonder what the future holds with a Jesuit seated in the seat of the vicar of Christ. I guess only time will tell. I know one thing, our only hope is faith in Jesus Christ and what he did on the cross. Anything else will lead one straight to hell, whether pope or pauper. Trust Christ today.