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Links Of Interest






Here are some sites that might be of interest to you. If you find any that are not working please advise.



Church Of God Links


International Offices, Cleveland, Tenn.


Pennsylvania State Executive Offices, Carlisle, Pa.


Perry Stone  - Church of God teacher




Apologetics and such...


I have not read every word on every page of these sites. There may be some things I don't agree with. I have found these places to be great sources of information. If you find something really really bad on one of them please let me know.


A Little Leaven  -  "Museum of Idolatry" - exposes all the nonsense


Apologetics Index


Apologetics Coordination Team - "Deception In The Church"


Atheists Have Proven God Does Not Exist. Right?


Christian Apologetics And Research Ministry (CARM)


Christian Think Tank (Yes, we do that now and then.)


Gay Christian Movement Watch - Honest, they're out there.


The Evolution Of Truth


The Scholar's Corner -  Providing a critique of pop exists to challenge the Church to higher righteousness and to engage contemporary culture with the claims of Christ.


The True Origin Archives - lots of stuff refuting evolution




Prophecy, End Times, Rapture, etc.


Again, I do not necessarily endorse every jot and tittle of each page. But there is lots of good stuff here.


Philologos - Bible prophecy research


Real Time Disaster Map  - see what's happening all over the world as it happens!


Rapture Ready - name says it all!




Online Bibles & Bible Study etc.


Blue Letter Bible


Teaching The Hebraic Roots Of Christianity




Christian Living and Issues


Holy Desperation -  stuff from guys like David Wilkerson, John Bevere, Mike Brown, Carter Conlan


Repent America - on the cutting edge of flash point issues