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It is March 27, 2013. On Yahoo today there was this story:


NBC News correspondent and "Weekend Today" anchor Jenna Wolfe is used to going on some crazy adventures in her reporting, but now she's embarking on her biggest adventure of all -- motherhood!


Wolfe and fellow NBC News correspondent Stephanie Gosk not only came out of the closet as a lesbian couple Wednesday, but they also announced that they're expecting a baby girl together.


How charming. The couple came "out" in a recent article in People magazine, and Jenna appeared on the Today show on NBC to announce the happy news. As the three morning anchors sat there and listened to her joyfully proclaiming her good news amidst all the "congratulations" and "how wonderful" comments it looked like Al Roker wanted to swallow his teeth.. Maybe it was just my imagination.


After the announcement of the birth Jenna spoke of their upcoming nuptials. She is probably thinking, "If we could just get rid of those nasty hateful republicans!" That's ok, the Supreme Court will take care of that little problem shortly.


Being an old fashioned heterosexual type I can't help but have a few questions and observations for the beaming couple.


1. How did they choose who would be the mommy? Both of them have the equipment to conceive and bear a child. Was it a coin flip? Not being hip to LGBT protocol I wonder how they determined who would wear the pants and unclog the toilet.


2. Although we live in a brave new world where gender doesn't mean much, I guess no one's  figured out how to overcome the sticky wicket of truth that to make a baby it still requires a male and a female. I'm sure Jenna and Stephanie would have loved to forego that un-politically correct fact of life, but, gosh, they still had to do it the old  way. I'm reminded of the old song:


Folks are dumb where I come from,

 They ain't had any learning.

 Still they're happy as can be

 Doin' what comes naturally


 Maybe some day they'll figure out how to have babies without the inconvenience of including a man.


3. And speaking of "the anonymous donor," what would happen if, God forbid, the baby was born with a genetic defect or illness  that would require a family history to diagnose and even treat? Ms. Wolfe is 39 years old, a very dangerous time to have a baby, especially the first one. Is there a record of the identity of the father?


4. As the child grows, will it have the right to know it's genetic parent? Or will we pretend that two mommies is the normal thing? Will the male donor just be treated like the stork? I guess the child will have no rights to know it's lineage. This might put out of business.


5. I hope the donor wasn't related to Fred Phelps.


 I don't have hatred for these ladies or folks like them. I hope the baby is healthy and happy. But I do believe we live in a sick society. Romans Ch. 1 says it all and is a perfect explanation for what is happening. We are sinking into a moral abyss and may be past the point of no return.



 Pray for an awakening in our nation, that people would repent and call on the name of the Lord for salvation and healing. Greater judgment is coming upon us. Our only hope is Christ. If you or someone you know is gay or lesbian Jesus wants to heal you. Call on him and ask him to forgive you and make you his. Repent of your sins and trust in the sacrifice he made for you on the cross. Your eternity depends on it.