Allegheny Valley Church Of God

Murder In The Death Factory


It’s Dec. 1, 2015. Just a few days ago we witnessed another tragedy involving the maniacal use of firearms. In Colorado Springs three individuals died, including a police officer who was also a volunteer pastor, at the hands of a demented individual. There were nine more injured including five policemen. The shooter was arrested. By looking at his picture and learning of his history it is clear that he is a mentally unstable individual.


The thing that brands this incident as unique is that it happened at a Planned Parenthood “clinic”. Of course, the liberals have blamed this incident on a the outcry against the selling of baby parts for profit that was exposed in the recent release of videos of PP folks discussing the price of body parts harvested from the killing of the unborn. While the pro death camp have labeled these videos as being heavily edited, it can’t be denied that this practice goes on. There is no question that unborn children are being dismembered and having their body parts and organs sold to tissue banks. The shooter in this case was heard to say, “No more body parts.” And, of course, Das Kommisar of the US is leading the "no more guns" rally cry. While he feigns sorrow over these incidents I believe he just sees them as another cause to promote the disarming of America.


Murdering people is not God’s will. Jesus Christ never told anyone to kill folks. In fact, he told us to pray for our enemies and those who dispitefully use us. We are told not to render evil for evil (1 Thess. 5:15), for “vengeance in mine” says the Lord. (Rom. 12:19) There is no justification for murder in any sense. Having said that I have to say this: What is the difference between what goes on in an abortuary on a daily basis and what happened in Colorado Springs? Why are we so shocked that one madman would take upon himself the ministering of what, in his mind, is justice in a place where innocents are deliberately destroyed daily for a profit?


If it’s wrong to shoot people who disagree with you isn’t it also wrong to end the life of an innocent unborn child? Whether with a trigger or a pair of forceps killing is killing. But in a country that can justify just about anything we manage to create a difference. Our founding fathers wrote, “All men are created equal,” while owning slaves. Our money says, “In God We Trust,” yet our Supreme Court has made the mere mention of God illegal in our schools and has nullified His Word in our culture. We decry a madman’s attack on an abortion clinic yet defend a “woman’s right” to end the life of her unborn child. Over 85% of abortions are done at the altar of convenience.


Is there hope for America? Don’t know. All I really do know is that Jesus is coming. The wrath of God will soon be poured out upon this earth. If you have ever had an abortion please believe that the Lord of Glory offers you forgiveness. It’s not the unforgivable sin. Many women suffer from guilt today because of a bad uninformed decision made sometimes under pressure. The little one that was once inside of you is now in the presence of Jesus. For those who work in this industry, there is forgiveness too. Repent of your sin and cry out for mercy. God will grant it. If you don’t your eternal fate will be much worse than it would be at the hands of a human maniac.


Put your trust in the shed blood of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. He’s the only way, truth and life, and the only way to the Father. Call on His name for mercy and He will hear and answer.


That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.