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Obama's Hussein?










It is March 27, 2013. The latest news from the far east is that North Korea has severed the last "hot line" with the west and is preparing for war. Maybe it's just me, but should we be overly concerned? The last time some third rate despot threatened the destruction of the US was back during the reign of Bush I. Remember him? The elder Bush let him off the hook, but it took another campaign and a few more billion dollars to depose of him. He was eventually taken and, last I looked, was dangling from a rope in a cellar somewhere. The "mother of all battles" turned out to be the beginning of the end for Saddam Hussein.


 Now we have another overfed and uncouth bully who inherited a starving nation. Kim Jong Un is now the leader of probably the poorest and worst governed state in any hemisphere. His father, Kim Jong-Il, was the consummate socialist communist. There's a great documentary on him here.  You can see and hear eye witness testimonials of those who suffered under his regime.


 True to the same philosophy that is guiding our current administration, the government of North Korea paints a picture of a modern day utopia in which the benevolent leadership has the best interests of the common man at heart and controls everything. In reality the people are literally being starved into submission, with only prison camps waiting for those who would dare resist or try to escape.  The lucky ones are shot at the border. Some had hoped that the new leader would have a mind to change, but he seems to be even worse than the old man. Even the soldiers aren't being fed.


 It seems that the North Koreans claim that they have weaponry capable of reaching American interests, such as Hawaii or Guam. Of course they are able to send missles into South Korea, where there are something like 50,000 American soldiers. And they have been testing nuclear weapons, although seemingly with laughable results. But a madman with a firecracker can cause some damage.


 If the leader of North Korea is stupid enough to launch an attack on the South or any American territory it will be interesting to see the response of our current commander in chief. Being a philosophical comrade with the socialist ideal of North Korea I wonder what his reaction would be. After all, with the recent sequester we might not be able to adequately defend ourselves against the attack of the mighty great socialst state of North Korea. Perhaps FEMA might have to spare some of the 450 million rounds of ammo they have purchased recently.


 Even though North Korea is nothing more than a third world dictatorship whose people are starving, with the current administration somehow I don't feel so secure right now.


 Where is Dennis Rodman when you need him?


 That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.