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Here you'll find links to some articles and thoughts on various topics. These opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of the membership of the Allegheny Valley Church of God or of the Church Of God, Cleveland, Tenn. There, I said it. Feel free to let me know how you feel. Blessings!


12-16-16 Hacked - It's becoming an art.


4-23-16 Judging And Throwing - The typical response from folks who like to justify sin.


2-16-16 The Beginning Of The End Of The United States Of America - Get ready pilgrim, it will be here faster than you think.


1-22-16 Hellevision Has Arrived - Tune in. The prince of the power of the airwaves has some new stuff for your edification.


12-1-15 Murder In The Death Factory - Is there a difference?


11-9-15 Starbucks Humbug - Is this the fiery trial Peter mentioned?


4-8-14 He Ran The Race And Lost - Be careful when you choose which race to run.


4-4-14 The Holy Fail - People have actually spent time and money looking for something that doesn't exist.


12-10-13 The Devil Made Me Do It - It wasn't my fault, really! I was framed!


12-8-13 Asteroids From Heaven - More fun stuff from the Science Falsely So-Called Channel. You can't make this stuff up.


11-27-13 Thanksgiving 2013 - More than I deserve.


11-27-13 Praise the "Oh!" - A popular TV show politically corrects an old favorite. A little rant about pop culture. Read at your own risk.


11-22-13 On Turning 60 - Starting my seventh decade.


11-22-13 Merry Xmas - Haven't posted in awhile. Figure I might as well get back with a bang! Just an old man blowing off steam.


8-12-13 The Sifting - An article I wrote 15 years ago about why bad things happen to God's people. Learned from personal experience.


8-12-13 Russia's Righteousness - The righteousness wars, all's not quiet on the eastern front.


8-3-13 War In The Middle East Pt. 1 - Today's news written 3000 years ago.


8-2-13 Why Satan Hates Israel - When they shall say, "Peace and safety" then comes sudden destruction.


7-27-13 Many Will Come In My Name - Don't believe everything you hear.


7-1-13 Finally, A Monument To, Uh, Nothing? - Those pesky American Atheists are at it again.


7-1-13 Elijah And The Jezebel Spirit - One of a series of older messages on the prophet Elijah. As pertinent today as it ever was.


6-7-13 The Pharisee Test - Are you one?


6-6-13 The Presence Of Light In The Midst Of Darkness - Elijah


5-28-13 A Sucker Born Every Minute - Our obsession with gambling.


5-28-13 If The Foundations Be Destroyed - What are we to do? Stop wringing your hands, beloved.


4-20-13 Fourth Estate Propaganda - More of the same!


4-9-2013 - Not Your Kids - If the powers that be had their way.


4-9-2013 - Heil Obama - We get what we deserve!


4-5-2013 - Thanks, Dave. Researcher Dave Hunt has gone on to glory. We'll miss him.


3-28-2013 - Mommies Dearest - "Doin' what comes naturally?"


3-27-2013 - Obama's Hussein? - Another bloated dictator with a big mouth.


3-27-2013- How Shall We Stand - It's not going to get better!


3-20-13 - When Wormwood Calls - NASA chief tells us to pray!


3-18-13 - Sexual Respect - Some thoughts about the recent case in Steubenville, Ohio. Why does this happen? It doesn't take a rocket scientist.


3-13-13 - The Last Pope, Part 2 - There is white smoke!


3-12-13 Deception In The Church - A glimpse of some of the witchcraft that passes for ministry. Pray for the church in America.


3-2-13 - Relevant or Reverent - Another rant about the American church's obsession with entertainment and numerical growth.


2-28-13 - The Demonized Church - Wolves in sheep's clothing are teaching our kids voodoo and having fun doing it. My opinion and I'm sticking to it!


2-28-13 - Vain And Repetitious - An article I wrote several years ago about the practice of saying novenas. I really do pray for my Catholic friends.


2-5-2012  America Babylon


2-6-2013 American Chri$tianity - Have it your way!

An article I posted some years ago about the state of the church in the USA. More relevant now than it was then, and it's not getting better.


2-11-2013 The Last Pope? - Breaking News, the Pope resigns.


2-12-2013 Fullness Of Bread, The Sins Of America - An article I wrote almost 15 years ago that is truer today than it was then.


2-15-2013 How To Become A Saint - An older article that's been updated discussing how one can achieve sainthood in the Roman Catholic church. Please forgive my sarcasm.


2-15-2013 - Why I'm Not A Catholic - Self explanatory.


2-21-13 - My Mother The Star - Do they really believe this stuff?