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Russia's Righteousness










It is August 12, 2013. It seems that Russia, the former atheistic communist center of the Soviet Union, has recently passed some measures in it's parliament against, gasp, the LGBT community. Such an unthinkable act would be political suicide in the "Christian" United States. Even our Marxist president is appalled at this horrible infringement upon human rights.


 Here is a quote from the NY Times Op Ed page of July 21:



"On July 3, Mr. Putin signed a law banning the adoption of Russian-born children not only to gay couples but also to any couple or single parent living in any country where marriage equality exists in any form.


A few days earlier, just six months before Russia hosts the 2014 Winter Games, Mr. Putin signed a law allowing police officers to arrest tourists and foreign nationals they suspect of being homosexual, lesbian or “pro-gay” and detain them for up to 14 days. Contrary to what the International Olympic Committee says, the law could mean that any Olympic athlete, trainer, reporter, family member or fan who is gay — or suspected of being gay, or just accused of being gay — can go to jail.


Earlier in June, Mr. Putin signed yet another antigay bill, classifying “homosexual propaganda” as pornography. The law is broad and vague, so that any teacher who tells students that homosexuality is not evil, any parents who tell their child that homosexuality is normal, or anyone who makes pro-gay statements deemed accessible to someone underage is now subject to arrest and fines. Even a judge, lawyer or lawmaker cannot publicly argue for tolerance without the threat of punishment."


 Well now, it seems the Russians have a problem accepting those who practice "nontraditional sexual relations" to the point of threatening them with incarceration for the practice of or dissemination of literature considered "pornography" espousing or encouraging what they consider to be aberrant behavior. I understand that the vote concerning the ban on LGBT propaganda was unanimous.


 Do they know something we don't? Have they started reading the Bibles that were smuggled in over so many years of Soviet rule? He looks like he could be from Minnesota. Maybe if we can get a legitamate  looking birth certificate for ole Vladimir...nah, not by 2016 anyhow.


 Let's get this straight (no pun intended.) I don't hate gays or lesbians or bis or transgenders or anyone. It's just sad that we've forgotten that it takes a man and a woman to make a little baby. That's the way God designed it. What don't we understand about that?


 There has been outrage over this law, and calls for boycotts against the upcoming Olympic games at Sochi. Bars and taverns  all over the country are threatening to boycott Russian vodka and dump all their supply down the drain. But if my memory serves me correctly, just a few years ago in 2008 when the summer Olympic games were held in Beijing, wasn't there a little news article somewhere on the tenth page about the atheistic Chinese communist government banning religious literature and practice in the Olympic Village? No Bibles, no tracts, no prayer, no chapel, nothing. I know my memory is slipping with my advancing age, but I don't seem to remember the world wide outrage at that suppression of religious freedom. There were no threatened boycotts, no demonstrations, no hand ringing by our then "Christian" President Bush.


 This is par for the course in our present age. Good is being called evil, and evil is being called good. Whenever there is a LGBT issue in the news just turn to Romans chapter 1. The apostle Paul who lived two thousand years ago explains it all.


 Get ready for the return of our Lord, He's coming soon. If you don't know Jesus and you haven't asked him to forgive you of your sins and make you a new creature then you need to before it's too late. The world is getting to look more and more like the Sodom it will be at the time of the coming of Christ. Jesus said it would be like the days of Noah, when all men's hearts were only evil continually. God sent judgment on the pre-flood world, and there is a worse judgment coming on this one. Surrender to Christ, trust in his shed blood for the forgiveness of your sins, repent and be saved.


 That's my story and I'm sticking to it.