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Sexual Respect






The date is March 18, 2013. One of the hot news stories of late has been the tragic events in Steubenville, Ohio. Two members of the high school football team were convicted of molesting a 16 year old girl while she was in an intoxicated stupor. Then, as so many of these mindless people do, they and their friends took trophy pictures to post on the internet. I still believe some of these people should be jailed for being so stupid, let alone for doing such a heinous act.


 This became a national news story, partly because of the intense division it caused in this community and partly because, in my opinion, the major news outlets look for stories to distract us from the real issues, like the ineptitude of our current administration and congress, Benghazi, fiscal malfeasance, etc. Regardless, the two young men were found guilty and essentially slapped on the wrist. One year for one of them and two for the other, only because he took pictures. They will both be required to register as juvenile sex offenders. The young woman's character was also called into question, as so often happens in these cases. Was it consensual? How could it be if she was so blasted that she didn't know what day it was?


 The other day I saw one of the talking heads pop up on one of the news shows. He was lamenting the fact that it seems in the younger generation that there is a lack of respect in the area of sexual conduct.




 What should we expect?


 We use sex to sell everything. It has been said the sex drive in humans is second only to the need of food, water and shelter. Advertisers have been playing on this for decades now, and with the relaxing of standards it is almost like they are competing with one another to see who can push the envelope the farthest.


 A recent president who was the darling of the media was allowed to carry on sexual escapades in the oval office then lie about it without anyone holding him accountable. "I did not have sex with that woman!" he admonished. I will not recount the sex acts he had her perform in the White House because this is a Christian site. But what he did was lie and try to cover up his own perverted sex life, and the nation just giggled. Anyone who suggested he should step down was told to mind their own business. "We made money in those years," they will say, " who cares?"


 We allow our kids to listen to music and watch videos of porn stars who might know how to sing a bit prance around in various stages of undress and simulate sex acts and we wonder why there is no respect of sexual purity. That term is like a joke now, until something like Steubenville happens somewhere. There are others who openly advocate drug and alcohol usage and cultivate a culture of violence, rebellion and hatred. We give them awards for their "artistry" and feed them our kids like dead meat to hungry lions.


 Do you see a pattern here? As with anything else, follow the $!


 Let someone suggest the media is to blame. They'll be laughed off the screen. Let someone suggest that our culture has deteriorated to a self-centered moral anarchy. They'll call you a hater. Let some one suggest that these pop icons are really tools of Satan and they'll call you backward and superstitious. Truly did the prophet Hosea write "For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind..." (Hos. 8:7)  We've made sex a sacrament and a rite of passage and have made the mention of God in our schools illegal.


 What do you expect?


 Is our nation and our culture beyond hope? Don't know. All I know is I'm praying for my city, my country and my church and family. I'm waiting for Jesus to return and I want to be about his business until he does. Trust in Christ and the sacrifice he made on the cross for the forgiveness of your sins and for the strength to be the man or woman of God he wants you to be. Pray for our children that they might learn the real truth and not the lies that have been shoved down their throats by a godless society.


 That's my story and I'm sticking to it.