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Starbucks Humbug

This is the first post I've made to my blog in about 2 years, mainly due to GoDaddy's unconscionable decision to change their website builder without giving me the ability to transfer my already existing pages into the new format. They didn't even ask me. I was dead in the water until my faithful computer guy, Lewis, consented to redo our website so we could host it. Thank you Lewis. Now I'm learning Muse and I'm back online with my opinions, which don't count for much anyway.


To the topic at hand. Recently Starbucks decided that their "holiday" cups would be all red without any Christmas-type designs on them. The only image would be the naked siren that has been their logo from the beginning. Well, sure enough, someone somewhere has decided this is a decidedly anti-Christian move and says that Starbucks is declaring war on Christmas and Christians in general.


Here's my disclaimer. I'm not really crazy about Starbucks' coffee. For one thing it's too expensive. There's one located in a local grocery store and me and some friends of mine meet there once in awhile and take up seats and gab and solve the problems of the world. When you get old like me I guess that's what you do with your spare time. I'll usually get a small black coffee, none of that stuff with whipped cream on it. If I wanted a sundae I'd go to the Dairy Queen.


What I can't understand is, what is the big deal. First of all Starbucks never claimed to be a Christian company. It's policies are secular and always have been. If that bothers you, don't go there.


Secondly, What do you expect from a company like Starbucks.  Before you get all mad at me let me say this: I know a lot of good born again Christian folks who love the season as a time of tradition and family get togethers, to recount the birth of our Savior and try to be a witness to the lost in our families and circles of friends amidst all the revelry. OK, I don't have a problem with that. We celebrate Christmas by lifting up the name of Jesus and focusing on his mission here. But Christmas isn't a Biblical Christian holiday. There's nowhere we are commanded to celebrate the birth of Christ, and we certainly have no clue as to when he was born. In reality it's nothing more than a pagan festival that was "Chritianized" by early church fathers after the time of Constantine in an effort to win the lost. To the world it's not about the Savior, but about money and presents and "black Friday" and sales and the like. Quite frankly, if I could skip it I would. But it's there so we deal with it the best way we know how.


Finally, why would anyone raise a stink about a lousy coffee cup when people are dying and going to hell. It's no wonder there are those that think Christians are a bunch of nit pickers with nothing else to do but find fault with people who don't know any better to begin with. Did Jesus expect the world to bow to him? He said the world would hate him. Then he said we should rejoice when we are reviled for his name's sake. Having to drink coffee out of a nondescript cup has nothing to do with anything. I swear people have too much time on their hands.


Forget about the stupid cups. Preach the Gospel. Jesus died for our sins, was buried, and was resurrected on the third day. Tell people they must be born again to enter the Kingdom of God. Preach it to the barista who's pouring your next peppermint candy cane latte. That's the best Christmas present you could give anyone.


That's my story and I'm sticking to it.