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Thanks, Dave.





It's April 5, 2013. Just got an e-mail from the Berean Call organization stating that it's founder Dave Hunt has gone on to be with the Lord. While I am certainly happy for him, the Christian church has suffered a great loss. Dave was known for his outstanding work in Christian apologetics. He wrote books addressing every kind of aberrant and heretical teaching within the realm of Christiandom, from phony charismania to hyper Calvinism to Catholicism. His scholarship and research was unparalleled by other writers of his genre. He was branded a "heresy hunter" by those who could not stand up to his commentary on modern day American Christianity. He could never be accused of sensationalism or money grubbing. We will pray for his partner, T. J. MacMahon, and the rest of the staff there at the Berean Call to carry on his outstanding work. Thanks Dave, enter into your rest. You will be greatly missed.