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When Wormwood Calls







It is March 20, 2013. I just read an article on Yahoo with the headline, "Large asteroid heading to Earth? Pray, says NASA." It seems that with the recent explosion of a rogue chunk of space rock over a Russian town and with the near passing of another astral bullet closer than our communication satellites there is some concern over the possibility of a future collision with earth. Up until lately there seemed to be a "What, me worry?" attitude about the whole subject. But now some folks aren't so sure.


 They say that the explosion over Chelyabinsk, Russia was from an asteroid about 55 feet in diameter. The explosion, which occured about 16 miles above the city, was equivalent to a small nuclear weapon. Interestingly enough, that area is considered to be one of the most radio actively toxic areas on the planet. Seems that just 80 kilometers or so north of the city was a nuclear arms plant that was the target of Gary Powers' ill fated U-2 mission of 1960. You can read about it here.


 The great socialist society of Communist Russia, so admired by some prominent members of our current administration, was notorious for it's lack of saftey measures concerning nuclear power and environmental issues. Can anyone say, "Chernobyl?" That was one of only two nuclear disasters that are rated a 7 on the scale which measures such. The other was the Fukishima disaster after the Japanese tsunami. Had the Russians had the same kind of safety measures we demand here in the USA the meltdown of 1986 could have been contained. Instead, there were countless numbers of people who were killed and poisoned.


 Back to the topic at hand. Here is the opening line from the article: "NASA chief Charles Bolden has advice on how to handle a large asteroid headed toward New York City: Pray." Hmm, I wonder if the "Freedom From Religion" foundation has heard of this affront to the constitution. Just imagine, a government official encouraging a religious activity! The head of NASA, no less, the organization that has spent billions of tax payer dollars trying to find some evidence of life in outer space so they can debunk any thought of a divine intelligent creator who made man in His own image. Who should we pray to? President Obama? The head of the European Union? Stephen Hawking? You certainly wouldn't think that an educated scientific mind like Mr. Bolden would suggest trusting in something supernatural, would he?


 According to the scriptures there will be a collision in the future. It will occur during the time we call "Jacob's trouble" or "the great tribulation." That is a seven year period of time when the world will be led by a man who is anointed by Satan. During that time a meteor named "Wormwood" will hit the earth and will destroy a third of all life on the planet. You can read about it in Rev. ch 8. It is only the third of seven "trumpet" judgments. These are events that represent the outpouring of God's wrath upon the earth that mankind will have absolutely no ability to stop.


 By the way, Wormwood in Russian is Chernobyl.


 I would like to advise all that if you wait til then to pray, it will probably be too late. Put your faith in Jesus Christ now and trust in what he did on the cross as the remedy for your sin problem. If you don't think you have one then you are in danger of spending an eternity in hell. He took our sin and judgment so we can receive his life. He's our only hope. Pray to Him now and be assured of eternal safety.